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- Megan Zimpelman, Secondary Education, Social Studies, History\\ - I hope to embody enthusiasm, fairness, and innovation as a teacher.\\ - I think that technology can be used for the benefit of learning, and can be used to enhance teaching and classroom opportunities. I remember in high school, my teacher used Twitter (which at the time was a brand-new social media site) as a way to communicate with his students and post interesting links to relevant news stories and websites. Additionally, he had each student post weekly on a blog as a way to encourage discussion. However, I think that it is important not to overly rely on technology, and use it as a tool to enhance learning, and not a substitute for teaching. \\ - I hope to learn how to use technology in the classroom. I know there a lot of different ways technology can be used in the classroom to engage students, and I hope to learn how to best utilize these methods in my teaching.