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Hi all,\\ \\ My name is Sheila Wilson. I am a rising junior, originally from Minnesota. I am a history and education major. I have nannied for ten years which got me interested in teaching. I absolutely adore the kids that I nanny, and have loved teaching them and helping them grow on a daily basis. They have gone from new borns to curious toddlers to "grown-up" kids.\\ \\ some of my favorite hobbies or pastimes are running, biking and swimming (if I am not active I get ansy and usually pretty crabby). I love curling up with a good book, and could read for hours without stopping. I love babysitting and nannying, and happily join my neighborhood kids for yard games when they come and ask. I love to travel and just returned from a semester abroad in Scotland, where I spent a good majority of my weekends travelling Europe and loving the opportunies. My favorite color is green. I think winter is the prettiest season (but only if it is a true winter with snow and icicles). Cherry Garcia icecream is the best flavor. And if I had to choose between right and left, I would choose left.\\ \\ I am so excited to be an education major and be able to make a difference in the learning experiences of children. To have the ability to influence the way children learn and look at different situations is an unbelievable opportunity.