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    • Welcome to my E-Portfolio!**\\ \\ My name is Lisa Radtke and I am excited about becoming a Special Education Teacher. I am attending the College of William & Mary and will be graduating with my M.A. in Special Education in August, 2011. Previously, I had received a B.A. from Wells College in Sociology with a minor in Education and was certified in Secondary Social Studies. I also hold a Masters in Business Administration from Simmons College and have experience working with a variety of people. With my additional education and experience, I will be receiving professional certification as a highly qualified teacher in four areas: \\
 * **Special Education Curriculum and Instruction, K-12**
 * **Secondary Social Studies**
 * **Business Education**
 * **Marketing Education**

By being certified in three content areas in addition to Special Education, I will be better prepared to teach in inclusive classrooms and differentiate lessons. \\ \\ \\